And honestly, I kind of get it.

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Listen, if you ever have a problem, come to me first. I want us to be friends like that. And someday, together…we’ll shine.

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Utena Meme:
Music Track 3 of 3: Poison- Shoujo Kakumei Utena OST 3

"Writers are the exorcists of their own demons."

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cool and relevant ppt presentation but jsyk, the term “ethnic cleansing” is a gross euphemism for “genocide”.

THIS. Thank you. This isn’t a “conflict,” this isn’t a complex issue. I was discussing it with a friend earlier - if you want to put this into perspective, view it as the modern day creation of the United States. What could only complicate this, is that it’s condoned legally and promoted through state-sponsored programs. 

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zombie no
Oh, fUCK yess.
Don’t judge me.

Your hands are empty and what you heldHas left you here with nothing but a name
Your hands are empty and what you held
Has left you here with nothing but a name

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So I decided to finally finish season 2 of Hannibal and I’m so sad I didn’t do this earlier

All these scenes with Will and Hannibal, discussing bloody murder and insanity are so weirdly and beautifully intimate and erotic and pleasing my need of sick and dysfunctional relationships.

Also all this food looks good and people are well-dressed.